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GROUP & Private Lesson Info

Lesson EvaluationS

Weehawken Swim Association provides group swimming lessons from the ages of 3 years to 12 years old.

Our instructors are fully American Red Cross certified and are ready to service your children!

Group Lessons: (5 Students : 1 Instructor) 8, thirty-minute sessions  

  • Non-Weehawken Residents:​​ $235.00 per session

  • Weehawken Residents:  $100 per session

Group Lessons will be offered during the morning hours and we will be working on a schedule for the early afternoon hours.


Summer 2024 Session

  1. June 26th - July 10th

    • No Lessons on July 4th​

    • Makeup Lesson on July 11th

  2. July 15th  -  July 25st

    • Make up Lesson on July 26th​

  3. July 30th - August 9th

    • Makeup Lesson on August 12th​

Please direct any questions to our siwm lesson coordinators by emailing, Chris Dunn & Michael Lazzara, &

During the first day of each group lesson session, we will evaluate each child based on comfort in/around water and their swimming acumen. This evaluation will place a child in either Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 group lessons staring the 2nd day of the session.

Level 1

Participants at the end of the course are working towards general water safety. Ability to float on stomach and back unassisted. Ability to go underwater and resurface unassisted. The core curriculum will be focused on getting children more comfortable with their bodies in water. Key activities will be supported float progressions; submersion progressions; jumping into water progressions; introduction to streamline positioning.

Level 2

Participants at the end of the course are working towards introductory swimming and movement skills. The ability to glide on stomach and back effectively. The ability to move on stomach and back with elementary swimming techniques.The core curriculum will be focused on progressing the children into elementary movement based swimming techniques on their stomach and back. Key activities will be glide pushes from wall, front crawl, introductory freestyle and backstroke.

Level 3

Participants at the end of the course are working towards swimming 8-15 meters unassisted with elementary swimming strokes. The ability to swim 8-15 meters on stomach utilizing freestyle techniques with side breathing. The ability to swim 8-15 meters on back utilizing backstroke techniques with straight arm recovery. The core curriculum will be focused on progressing children through more intermediate swimming techniques. These include practicing side breathing during freestyle. Practicing straight arm recovery on backstroke. Introduction to breaststroke and butteryfly swimming techniques.

Level 4

Participants at the end of the course are working towards pre-competitive swimming techniques. The ability to swim 25 meters of each stroke independently. The ability to execute more advanced drills. The core curriculum will be focused on progressing through the 4 swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Introducing intermediate drills for each of the strokes. Progressing through swimming longer lengths across the pool.

ISR Lesson Info

We are very excited to announce the introduction of Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) program. The program is led by Lisa Vartanian, a certified ISR Instructor. 

Lisa Vartanian is a devoted educator working in the field since 2000. Before becoming an ISR instructor, Lisa was an ISR parent amazed by the program and wanting her children to acquire the ISR based skills. As a result, she ultimately accepted the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives through steadfast dedication to the ISR program and its students.  She has taught well over 1,000 students in New Jersey.  In addition, Lisa holds certifications as a Water Safety Instructor through the Red Cross, BLS, First Aid and CPR for Infant/Children/Adult.


As a mother of five, all of her children went through the ISR program. Lisa is a firm believer in the program's importance in a child’s life and swimming development. In her own words, she has stated that, "it is an honor knowing I have the opportunity to enrich the lives of all those I teach. I will always give all my students and their families 100% despite any challenges that may arise. Be it through flexible scheduling, adapting to personality differences, or deciphering the needs of each child to better educate them, no obstacle can deter me in my mission to educate. NOT ONE MORE CHILD DROWNS."

Anyone interested in partaking in this new and exciting program, can contact Lisa directly at

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